Explanation on fines within the framework of the system of payment collection «PLATON»

The system of payment collection (SPC) on the account of the indemnification of damage caused to federal roads by the vehicles exceeding 12 tons of maximum allowed weight is put into operation on entire federal road network of the Russian Federation (excluding toll roads).

According to the concession agreement with «RT - Invest Transportation Systems» there are two ways for the offence fixation: mobile control system - 100 vehicles, stationary control system - 481 frames on the federal roads.

Both ways of control will operate in Moscow and Kaluga Region from November 15 because the first 20 frames were installed there. At the same time use of the mobile control system which covers the entire federal road network is sufficient for the offence fixation.

In accordance with the stages of implementation of the concession agreement, more new stationary frames will be installed during the next 20 months in Russia. Installation of the frames is being conducted taking into account traffic intensity, availability of road junctions, as well as the operational status of the federal roads and plans for their reconstruction.

To avoid penalties, users of the SPC «PLATON» can choose any of 2 ways of making payment for the passage of the Vehicles exceeding 12 tons of maximum allowed weight: issue a route map or use an on-board unit.

The most convenient way is to issue a route map. The owner of the vehicle can issue a route map before a trip via the web sile www.platon.ru, where he can also indicate not only the start and the end points of the route, but also from 3 to 10 waypoints. Users can do it from different places - office, home using any mobile gadget. Users are not obliged to buy «round trip» card and use the same road coming back. It is possible for users to buy an additional route map for required roads on the web site www.platon.ru if they have to change their route and then turn back at it. Issuing this service through the internet, users may immediately hit the road so the charging system doesn't require any delays. The second way - the use of free on-board unit that keeps a record of traveled kilometers on the basis of GLON ASS/GPS and calculates the actual mileage of the vehicle on the federal road network, transferring data to the system automatically. The presence of this equipment not required from the users.