Notice to haulers

Introduction of Toll Collection System in the Russian Federation to haulers

Federal Road Аgency hereby informs haulers that on 15 November 2015 a System of payment collection (SPC) will be introduced in the Russian Federation. The SPC is being implemented in accordance with The Federal Road and Road Use Act of 8 November 2007 and the Russian Government Decree No 504 of 14 June 2013 regarding Russian federal roads. The aim of the SPC is to offset the damage caused to the Russian federal road network by vehicles exceeding 12 tons of maximum allowed weight.

As of 15 November 2015, all owners of the vehicles exceeding 12 tons of maximum allowed weight will have to pay a toll charge of 3.73 rubles per kilometer per vehicle when travelling on Russian federal roads.

RT-Invest Transport Systems JSC is the sole official SPC operator, appointed by the Russian Government Order of August 29, 2014 No. 1662-r.

To streamline the process, all respective vehicles should be added to the SPC's register. In order to make this registration easier and provide customer support for eligible vehicle owners, SPC operator's offices will be opened and self-service terminals installed across the Russian Federation and at Russian border crossings.

Before starting off, vehicle owners will be required to either a) equip their vehicles with onboard units issued by the SPC operator or b) to buy a route ticket and add sufficient funds to their account to cover the toll charge for the planned length of all eligible trips.

More detailed information on heavy vehicle registration in the SPC, operator's offices locations and ways to pay the toll is available at the operator's website or by calling the Operator on +7 (495) 540 0202, 8 (800) 550 02 02.