Roadside service development

The Federal Road Agency, supported by businessmen and experts, has developed a Concept of Roadside Service Facilities (RSF) along the federal public roads.

Objectives of the Concept

  • Defining conditions and measures for development the qualitative roadside service along the federal roads;
  • Facilitating development of small and medium enterprises providing roadside services within both right-of-ways and roadsides;
  • Facilitating the attraction of investments into development of roadside infrastructure;
  • Modernization of the existing and development of up-to-date roadside facilities;
  • Improving the level of service for road users;
  • Facilitating the enhancement of safety for road users;
  • Supporting better transport mobility of the population and development of domestic car tourism;
  • Social and economic development of territories, benchmarking the economic growth, and creating new employment opportunities.

Tasks of the Concept

  • Establishing conditions for development of high-quality roadside service at the roads of different categories;
  • Establishing the legal basis to support the attraction of small and medium enterprises to the roadside service, to enhance local and regional authorities’ interest in making additional incentives for development of small enterprises in the local roadside services, and to improve the social attractiveness of the regions (territories);
  • Reducing the state budget costs for maintaining and operating the roadside service system;
  • Unifying the requirements to United traffic control services in order to ensure fire, health and transport safety of the roads users and facilities;
  • Establishing comfortable conditions for the traffic participants at the roads in terms of the RSF services;
  • Facilitating transfer of unregulated RSFs into the legal terrain;
  • Arranging conditions for construction of modern RSFs and multi-purpose complexes of high level service with providing the access roads and necessary utilities to such RSFs and complexes;
  • Facilitating of broadening the range of services provided by the existing RSFs;
  • Creating the system for traffic participants that would inform them about the RSFs, their services and quality.

Action Plan for 2014 -2016

The Federal Road Agency has developed and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has approved the Action Plan for 2014-2016 for development of the Roadside Service Facilities (RSF), which includes:

  • Assessment of the current situation, inspection of existing RSF, drafting passports of the objects and analysis of the results;
  • Development of suggestions on the steps to develop and maintain already existing roadside infrastructure (road areas and roadside service facilities);
  • Analysis of service and state grant programs, identifying possible sources of financing the implementation of the Concept, establishing the legal basis (including the adjustment of the existing one);
  • Establishing the Federal Road Agency unified information resource (portal) and a corresponding application for mobile devices;
  • Establishing inter-agency working groups which would involve the representatives of the municipal structures in the territorial entities of the Russian Federation to develop the roadside service facilities;
  • Development of self-regulation principles for the roadside service;
  • Research and development works on drafting the state standards (GOST) for the requirements set to the RSFs, as well as to the procedure and methods of qualitative assessment of the provided services;
  • Working out the solutions on legal and regulatory control of the RSF development, including the issues of granting land plots in the right-of-ways, determining the forms of ownership, standards of RSF layout, design and operation, application of P3 mechanisms, development of the Master Plan for the RSFs along the federal public roads;
  • Practical implementation of pilot projects on development of RSF in 2015-2016.


All the information on the development of roadside service facilities along the federal public roads can be obtained from the Department for Land and Property Relations of the Federal Road Agency.

Contact person:
Name: Olga Terminako
Phone: (495)687-88-78